All children have the right to learn, the No Child Left Behind is the policy we follow in education. Direct instruction method with its “one size fits all” motto that was effective long time ago doesn’t work well with today’s students.That’s why, we make sure here at Al Ittihad National private School in Abu Dhabi that all students are actively engaged in instruction. We do that by catering for the learners’ individual differences in varied areas and aspects: Learning Styles, Multiple Intelligences, as well as Individual Needs.

The curriculum which we offer is one that is rigorous and generated by professional staff in compliance with governmental and college admissions requirements with the final approval of the Educational Consultant, Academic Supervisor, and Head of Departments. This curriculum characterized by several interlocking components that together comprise to achieve our aim. One of our main goals is to have all our students "CHESS"-ed; i.e. Challenged, Healthy, Engaged, Supported and Secured. This means that our curriculum focuses on enhancing higher order thinking skills since they are essential weapons to equip students with, to face the demands of rapid change. The ability to deal with abstractions, to discover patterns and interrelationships, to solve problems, to collaborate, and to be willing to take risks are critical and essential assets in our curriculum; with the main concern being "students' needs and developmental levels".Due to this, we are convinced that our curriculum is broadly balanced and rich. We aim at constantly providing qualitative education, guidance, and support for all learners across all grade levels. All of the experiences provided in our students’ learning environments work together in a seamless way from Kindergarten through Grade 12 and promote meaning, purpose and enjoyment in student’s lives.