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Visual Arts Course in INPS is following the American standards-based curriculum adopted by the California State Board of Education.

The structure of the visual arts standards enables students to demonstrate their visual arts knowledge and critical thinking as they deepen their understanding and grow in the artistic processes.

The visual arts standards identify four artistic processes:

  • In the Creating process, students conceive and develop new visual arts ideas and work. Students learn and gain the ability to communicate and create using the unique academic and technical languages of visual arts.

  • In the Presenting process, students realize visual arts ideas and work through interpretation and presentation.

  • In the Responding process, students understand and evaluate how visual arts conveys meaning to themselves as a visual artist and to the viewer or audience throughout time.

  • In the Connecting process, students relate visual arts ideas and work with personal meaning and external context.

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INPS-AD is implementing the ADEK/DOH safety policies and procedures.


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