Elementary Principal Message


Dear Parents and Students,


The Elementary Section in Al Ittihad School is a place where every single student is considered special. The school is organized and designed to facilitate and enable teachers to teach in ways that lead to high learning outcomes for all our students.

Our educational goal is to make learning exciting and challenging so students can experience the joy of discovering new ideas and acquiring new skills.

Positive attitudes toward school and long-term changes in behavior are the behavioral goals for each student ,so students are taught to respect themselves and others. They are also given many opportunities to develop and demonstrate self-discipline and responsibility.

The faculty is deeply committed to providing and maintaining a fair disciplinary policy based on the values of respect, honesty and self-confidence.

The school operates on the basis that all students have the right to quality education. We firmly believe that all students have the right to learn and  play in a pleasant, safe, and threat-free environment. Al Ittihad students can articulate school-wide rules, which are consistently and equitably enforced.

Al Ittihad Elementary school maintains an exemplary learning and development climate reflected in its curriculum, learning facilities and professional staff. The school community also exhibits strong support for quality education. The overall school environment enables each student to experience personal success and develop into a life-long learner.


Elementary Principal

Leila Ben Henda





Our vision is to create an educational system that  nurture young talents who in future will become global thinkers, heritage guardians and take their nation to new heights.


The main aim of our school is not only to give students useful information, but also to teach them thinking skills, to make decisions and choices and develop their mental abilities in a rich environment.


We help our students  develop a culture of team work and achieve high standards based on the 21st century learning skills and modern technology.




Discipline Plan Grades  1-5

Routines and Procedures in the Primary Section

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لائحة الانضباط السلوكي 2019-2020

Elementary School Overview