Evaluation System

Assessment is the purposeful and systematic process of gathering, analysing, interpreting and reporting information about a student’s progress and achievement overtime. All forms of assessment are used to support teachers in gathering information and using appropriate data to drive decisions about atudents, learning and pedagogy. A coherent, systamatic approach to assessment is an integral part of the teaching and learning process.


The INPS- Abu Dhabi has a balanced assessment system. There are Four main assessment types:

  • Classroom Assessments

  • Formative (worksheets, homework, tasks, exit slips, conferences, clickers feedback, revision...etc.)

  • Summative (Quizzes, Assessment cycles, Mid-term assessment and Final Exams).

  • Dispositions (Competencies, work habits, attendance, homework completion, behaviour …etc.)

  • Benchmark Assessment (EMSAT, EMSA, MAP …etc.)

  • External Summative Assessment (IELTS, TOEFL, SAT)

  • Cognitive and Personality Tests: EPOC, Aptitude, Interest & Personality test)


All types of assessment are intended to develop the students’ achievement and self-efficacy along with personal resbonsibility. It evaluates subject mastery through a variety of methods, applied in a reflective context and involves teachers, students and parents

Reporting of Student Progress

Reporting is communicating information on student’s attainment and progress in different forms and for various purposes. Reporting acknowledges the parents about student achievement over reporting period. School Management System “SMS” generates detailed standard/skill based report card. The data is displayed in a color-coded format for teachers and administration to show the three levels of attainment. Parents and teachers discuss the students’ achievement based on the report card. Reports are used to inform all stakeholders about students’ attainment and progress overtime and against curriculum expectations.

The academic year is divided into two equal semesters. The INPS-AD  issues detailed report twice yearly at the end of each semester and progress report once mid of the semester.  KG to grade 5 as well as grade 6-12 P.E. & Art are assessed continuously throughout the academic year. Arabic, Social Studies & Islamic studies marks distribution is based on ADEC’s expectations.



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