Frequently asked questions

1. What extra-curricular activities are available?
Extra-curricular activities are available throughout the school year, and are organized and scheduled during the school working  hours and under the teachers’ supervision. These activities are varied; ranging from the Cooperative Society, Future Entrepreneur, Drama Club, Basketball, Football,  Swimming, Chess Competitions, IT Fairs, and Spelling Bee Competitions to the recent Robot Championship,

2. What is the language of instruction?
The formal academic language of instruction is English – except for teaching Arabic Language, Arabic Social Studies, and Islamic studies which the language of instruction is Standard Arabic.

3. Is your school segregated (Boys & Girls)?
Our classrooms from Kindergarten up to Grade 4 include both boys and girls. As of Grade 5 and up, there are two separate  schools: Boys’ School and Girls’ School.

4. Does the school provide transportation?
 The School provides students with a scheduled, safe bus services from and to school on a daily basis.

5. What is the length of the school year?
 The school year begins in early September and ends in mid-July.  The academic year is divided into three academic terms.

6. How long is the school day?
 The school day begins at 7:30am and ends at 2:35pm. 

7. Are there parent-teacher meetings?
 The school holds general parents meetings during the whole academic year, besides, there are scheduled weekly sessions for parents to meet with their children’s instructors to discuss both academic achievement and behavioral performance.

8. Do you conduct entrance exams?
 Yes, entrance exams are designed and administered under the supervision of academic personnel.

9. Do students at AIPS wear school uniforms?
 Yes, all students are required to come to school with the proper school uniform.

 -KG girls wear one piece dresses. 
 -Grades 1-3 girls wear a striped school shirt with a navy blue jumper dress.
 -Grades 4-12 girls wear a striped school shirt with a long navy blue jumper dress.

 -KG boys wear school shirts with navy blue pants or shorts.
 -Grades 1-12 boys wear a striped school shirt with navy blue pants.

 *All students must wear dark closed toe shoes
 *All students wear a PE uniform consisting of shorts/pants + T-shirt

10. What is the average number of students in a class? 
        The number of students ranges between 20 and 25.

11.Does the school participate in standardized testing?
 The school participates in various international assessments such as: ISA, IBT, TIMMS, PISA, SAT, TOEFL.

12. What is the school’s curriculum?
 (AIPS) is a private school, which offers an American curriculum in the following subject matters: Math, English, Science, Social and Business Studies. We also adopt the UAE national curriculum in Arabic, Islamic Studies and Social Studies. Other subjects include Art, Physical Education, and Information Technology.

13. How old are students in AIPS?
 In the Primary School (KG �� Grade 6), students are 4 to 11 years of age. 
 In the High School (Grades 7 �� 11), students are 11 to 18 years of age.

14. How many classes are there in Abu Dhabi Ittihad School?
 There 48 classes starting from KG up to grade 11

15. Do you have summer school?
 No, there is no summer school

16. Are mobiles acceptable in AIPS with students?
 It is strictly forbidden to hold mobile phones on the school premises.

18. Is there any plan to enlarge the campus of Al-Ittihad School in Abu Dhabi?
 According to the increase of the number of our students, we have decided to build 12 extra classrooms in the High School section (6 for boys and 6 for girls) in addition to two spacious multipurpose halls.


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