Girl's Principal Message

Welcome to Al Ittihad Pvt. School – Jumeira /Girls Section!

At Al Ittihad, we recognize that between the years of elementary and high school, girls growing into young ladies experience great challenges and changes, be they academic, social, emotional, or physical. Therefore, we profit from dedicated, caring, and professional staff members, hailing from all four corners of the world, who are committed to help students successfully transition through these years to become confident, mature and proud young women.

Our campus houses a well protected, secure, and well sheltered premises, emanating a safe familiar atmosphere. We all blend into one big family, everyone familiar with the other. Nonetheless, we are very much aware that high school is a complex time, where interpersonal communication between young growing adults and society as a whole is often multifaceted; thus, being informed becomes of vital and utmost importance for parents. Communicating with parents is of fundamental importance to us, and we welcome calls and visits from parents to strengthen communications between school and the community.

At our school, programs and services are offered to meet the needs of young adolescent learners who have to face a modern world full of challenges to become ‘Global Thinkers and Heritage Guardians.’  The rich academic programs we offer challenge students to set and reach ambitious, intellectual and personal goals, while the extracurricular activities offer many opportunities to help make these high school years the best they can be. I strongly recommend that our young ladies get involved in one or more of the activities Al Ittihad has to offer: Rayaheen al Qur’an; Junior Entrepreneur; athletics; honorary organization;  student government, etc. Although it’s not required, participation in these activities will open new doors and reveal incredible possibilities on which to grow and prosper.

To all high school girls I say, “Perceive, what you make of your education today will affect what the future will be like for you and the whole nation. With ideas, enthusiasm, and participation, we can continue our tradition of academic excellence and proud heritage. Don’t be afraid to get involved! Working together, we will make every year a remarkable year.”

Nathalie C. Shaar,

Girl's Section Prinipal