Depending upon availability, Al-Ittihad School-Jumeira gives equal opportunities for admission to all the applicants who fulfill the necessary requirements.  All new students are on probation for the first five weeks. Those students showing special problems   will not be allowed to continue at our school.


To determine admission eligibility, all new transfer students are required to bring official transfer certificates from their previous schools showing that they have successfully completed their previous grade. If the student is transferring from outside of the U.A.E., then these documents must be attested by: The Ministry of Education, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the U.A.E. Consulate in their home country.


  • Each child has to pass a placement test in Arabic, English and Math before he/she is accepted into Al-Ittihad Private School-Jumeira.


  • All students who are not United Arab Emirates citizens are required to show a valid residency visa stamped in their passports prior to the registration period.



Registration Proccess:


To complete the registration process, a number of forms must be filled out and signed by parents or guardians. Also the following documents should be submitted:


  • 3 recent colored passport size photographs

  • Copy of the birth certificate

  • Copy of the student’s passport with a valid residence visa

  • Copy of the student’s Emirates ID

  • Copy of the vaccination card

  • The student’s last report card from the school he/she last attended

For those students that are transferring from outside the UAE an original letter stating that the student passed and has been promoted to higher grade to be submitted to us. 


Guide to Students Enrollment

Registration and entry requirements
Year/Grade equivilancy

The ages shown here are typical, and there may be occasional exceptions.

However the age cutoff is as on September 15th. 

Jihan Malkoun,


Schools around the world use different numbering conventions as well as follow different curriculums. It is common to find North American schools and those following the US Curriculum using a 12 year numbering format, and British schools and those following the National Curriculum for England and Wales using a 13 year numbering format. In addition, there are other numbering conventions as well as those mentioned. In the UAE there are many schools offering different curriculums and following different numbering conventions.