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High School Program of Studies 2023-2024

Dear High School Students and Parents,

Welcome to Al Ittihad National Private School – Abu Dhabi (INPS-AD). This 2023-2024 High School Program of Studies designed for students and parents to develop understanding of the courses offered at the INPS-AD in grades 9 through 12. We encourage students to use this as a guide towards understanding the overall INPS-AD High School program

The curriculum at Al Ittihad National Private School comprises a required program of studies that prepare students for college entrance. Electives are designed to allow students the flexibility to nurture their abilities and interests. The school academic year consists of two semesters, approximately 16 weeks in each. Graduation requirements are based on the number of successful units of credit earned in grade 9 through grade 12. As students move into Grades 9-12, the INPS-AD offers them courses that will help them stream-line their academic choices to support their university course of study and career options.


Key Documents and Policies

View and download all important documents


Our Mission and Vision

A Generation of Heritage, Guardians and Global Thinkers



The INPS-AD offers a K-12 American-based curriculum that is aligned to the Common Core standards

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