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INPS Follet Library

Our Library is a lively and welcoming space. Our librarian is ready to assist students and teachers in finding the right resources for their personal interests and academic needs. A wealth of digital and electronic resources is available to the INPS-AD faculty and staff.  We at INPS-AD use the “Follett” library system to provide our students with one of the best educational tools and now you can benefit from it, as it includes a selection of useful sites full of books, stories, and various resources in English and Arabic. It also includes e-books, interactive books (Lightbox) and  Webpath Express which is an educational search engine designed for students.


Log into the Follett then choose (Abu Dhabi Elementary K-3 / Abu Dhabi Middle & High 4-12)

  • Enter your username and password (sent to all Parents & Students).

  • The home page will appear, including a selection of useful sites.

  • To view the school library collection of e-books, enter Destiny Discover where you will find many interactive e-books (Lightbox) and also e-books.

  • For research, you can use the Webpath Express and search according to the grade level.


We hope that you will benefit from the Follett in your research, free time, to develop your reading skills and increase your vocabulary and knowledge. 

For more information don’t hesitate to contact the librarian Mrs. Heba Hamdy at



The INPS-AD offers a K-12 American-based curriculum that is aligned to the Common Core standards


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