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Welcome to INPS-AD


The Ittihad National Private School – Abu Dhabi (INPS-AD) is a vibrant school community of exceptional education professionals from various nationalities. The INPS-AD strives to promote the UAE’s unique culture and to embrace a global perspective as we prepare our students to become responsible local and global citizens. Our faculty are committed to delivering an excellent American-based curriculum and fostering a high standard of bilingual comprehensive education from Kindergarten through Grade 12 that meet and integrate both national and international standards. We currently employ approximately 180 faculty, support staff, and administrators whose main aim is to create meaningful learning experiences for our students.

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Why Join Our Team?


Our values of respect, care, tolerance, resilience, integrity and loyalty guide our actions. Our focus on student learning in a safe and secure environment ensures that every student is encouraged to reach their full potential.


We search for the best educators to join the INPS-AD. Incoming faculty and staff members are supported by our Human Resources Department through pre-employment, immigration and induction processes. We have in place a comprehensive in-house training, and orientation program which allows new faculty to effectively navigate the challenges that come with moving to a new place. Support and consultations are provided at every step of the process. 


INPS-AD focuses on continuous professional learning. Ongoing Professional Development of our faculty and staff is valued, encouraged and celebrated.  Our teachers are fully supported in their professional development and encouraged to embrace opportunities to improve their teaching.  


How do we select?

We are committed to provide equal employment opportunities to all applicants. Our recruitment team selects the best candidates. We screen carefully to determine which applicants are the most qualified for the position. The INPS-AD follows all applicable employment laws in the UAE.


Enroll Now

We are pleased to announce the online registration for the academic year 2022/2023 is now open


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