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Parents Rights

  • Every parent has the right to become familiar with the school routines and goals:

  • Protecting their child’s privacy in all ways, including protection from the dangers of the Internet.

  • Receiving regular reports on students’ progress. 

  • Meeting their child’s teachers or the academic advisor at least twice during the year for the purpose of discussing the child’s behaviour and academic performance. 

  • Visiting a classroom in which their child is attending a lesson at least once during each academic year, after informing the School’s Principal and receiving permission to do so. 

  • Being informed about all School policies that have an impact on Parents/Guardians and their children, such as the student code of conduct, attendance policy and tuition fees.

  • Schools can provide opportunities for parents to obtain information about the placement of their child in a teaching group, and their right to give their written approval of the proposed arrangements, if necessary.

  • The parents can attend a class of their choices once a year after informing the School’s Principal and receiving permission to do so, if necessary

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Purposeful and systematic process of gathering, analyzing, interpreting and reporting


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