Our Curriculum

Guided by our vision, “A Generation of Heritage Guardians and Global Thinkers”, Al Ittihad National Private School of Abu Dhabi strives to engage and inspire each student body to reach their fullest potential.

Our school offers a K-12 American-based curriculum that is aligned to internationally recognized standards and benchmarks. This comprehensive framework for teaching and learning is supported by a rich variety of instructional practice and infused with ongoing assessment and feedback that allows for individual growth and success. At INPS, we strive to value, inspire, support each student within our community and empower them with the 21st century skills to excel in their achievement and attainment.

Our curricular program is continually reviewed and refined to embrace the best of what we know about teaching and learning. International mindedness is embedded into our curriculum and instruction to develop global thinkers for future.

English is the language of instruction in all subject matters except for Arabic, Islamic Studies, and Arabic Social Studies. All our students are involved and encouraged to participate in advisory and co-curricular programs consisting of an affluent array of activities that form the backbone of our curriculum. Teachers at our school are mere facilitators and mediators of learning as well as creators and implementers of student-centered activities and projects. Teachers incessantly help students to continuously assess their academic progress and consider feedback an integral part of the teaching-learning process. The teacher's relationship with students is a nurturing one, reinforced by the school support system to grant student's intellectual, affective, and physical growth. Cooperative learning, critical thinking, learning centers, employing smart learning in teaching, and empowering learners all guarantee life-long learning at our school.

Assessment at AIPS is an ongoing process used to inform instructional practice, monitor student progress, and make curricular decisions. A continuous formative assessment feedback is utilized to differentiate and target instruction while summative assessments evaluate student attainment of learning objectives. External assessments such as the MAP tests, TIMMS, PIRL, TOEFL, IELTS, EMSA, ICDL and SAT assessments provide our community with valuable information for gauging effectiveness and determining future directions.

Learning and developing  is a continuous process for our teachers too. Our experienced teachers participate in regional and international professional development experiences to build expertise and effectiveness. As a member of AdvancED, ADEC and NEASC, AIPS enjoys opportunities throughout the school year for professional learning and collaboration. However, the school also works on providing teachers with in house professional learning to share best practices, explore and implement instructional strategies and assessing the impact of modifications done on student performance and achievement.