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The Elementary Section in Al Ittihad School is a place where every single student is valued as an individual with unique talents, potential and interests. The Section maintains an exemplary learning and development climate that prioritizes intellectual and personal growth. This is reflected in our curriculum, learning facilities and professional staff. Our aim is to provide a school environment that cultivates a passion for learning and enables each student to experience personal success, develop into a life-long learner and be well prepared for life beyond school.


What distinguishes us is:


  • Our commitment to developing a spirit of inquiry in students through a rigorous academic program that fosters intellectual curiosity, critical thinking, independent learning, academic achievement and personal development. 

  • The challenging learning opportunities and projects that enable students to practice and acquire the necessary skills that will enable them to excel, adapt to any environment and succeed in a complex, fast-changing world.

  • The built-in support structures that provide personalized learning in a caring environment where each student finds meaning, emotional balance, fulfillment and a sense of personal wellbeing. 

  • An emphasis on developing positive attitudes toward the school and the community to achieve valuable long-term behavioral goals for each student. Students learn to be compassionate and self-disciplined, and act responsibly with generosity of spirit, good manners and respect for all.

  • Excellent and motivated faculty that is deeply committed to the success of every student through a culture of encouragement, opportunity, challenge and fostering of self-confidence.

  • A school setting provides a safe learning environment with state-of-the-art facilities and integration of modern technology.

  • An extensive extra-curricular program that complements the academic curriculum through a wide variety of enjoyable cultural, social, sporting and creative activities.

  • A close partnership with parents so that school and home can work together to help every student succeed.


Elementary Principal

Leila Ben Henda


INPS Follet Library

Our Library is a lively and welcoming space and our librarian is ready to assist students



Our desire is to make your child’s time at our Kindergarten Section a positive experience



Purposeful and systematic process of gathering, analyzing, interpreting and reporting

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