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High School/Middle School Girls

Guided by the school vision and mission, the faculty and staff of the girl's section provide an intellectually stimulating and emotionally enriching environment in order that our students develop confidence, critical thinking, leadership, creativity and responsibility.

We provide our students with an environment that is safe, nurturing, and supportive, where they can be themselves and thrive academically. We believe that we can push our students to better achievements and to reach their potentials by giving them advice to set their goals.

In order to equip our learners with the skills required to deal with the uncertainties of tomorrow, we not only instill in them the core values but also successfully integrate modern technology in their learning process. For us, the technological tools are a part of an educational process; however, we recognize that like any other tool, it can't replace good education, rather enhances it.

Our girls believe that to be successful and to attain excellence in life, they  need to stretch their  own boundaries and to be involved in activities and social work. Based on our beliefs and values, we encourage our students to understand the current issues and to be concerned with the wellbeing of others both locally and globally.


May El Bitar

Girls’ Section Principal

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 At Al Ittihad National Private School, Girls’ Section, we aim at creating an intriguing educational environment where academic , personal , and  social development are highly emphasized in our curriculum that  initially focuses on  the cognitive, social , and practical skills of  the students. Having a well advanced curriculum that relies on 21st century skills such as cooperative learning, critical thinking, and creativity; skills that are highly endorsed by extra- curricular activities to  maintain solid connections with the real world as well as UAE culture and beliefs.

Our comprehensive curriculum gives   special care to our special needs students as well as gifted and talented students. Our section also offers academic advisory assistance to students to assist them with choosing their  academic subjects  that suit their academic preference as well as the markets’ needs. Since we believe in the importance of parents’ role in the learning process, we  have adopted strategies for continuous communication with parents to empower our students with essential skills to encounter real life challenges.

We also encourage our students to take part in many leadership roles such as the students’ council and other social groups as  part of preparation for future life.  At Al Ittihad National Private School,  we aim at enriching our students  with values , ethics, and tolerance that reinforce the UAE cultural heritage.


Our Mission and Vision

We at “INPS-AD" are committed to the intellectual and personal development of our students


General Director's Message

Welcome to the official website of our school - Al Ittihad National Private School Khalifa City A


Our School

Guided by our vision, “A Generation of Heritage Guardians and Global Thinkers”

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