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Bus Rules and Guidelines

  1. All buses will be equipped with seat belts. There will be a supervisor on each bus to ensure that all students wear their seat belts and assist them in boarding and exiting the bus. Contact numbers for bus supervisors will be provided at the beginning of the school year.

  2. Parents will be informed of the exact pick up and drop off timings by the bus driver before the start of the school year.

  3. Please contact the bus supervisor if a student is going to be absent on any given day.

  4. Students are expected to be present near their homes, or at the assembly point before the assigned time. Understand that bus drivers cannot hold traffic or delay routes while waiting for students. 

  5. If a parent was not present at the designated drop -off point (children under 11 years old) at the said timing, then the students will be brought back to school. Parents will then be required to collect the students from school. 

  6. For safety reasons, no student will be dropped anywhere other than their agreed drop off point. Students cannot switch buses because they are going to their friend’s house.

  7. If for some reason the student will not be taking the bus home on any given day, please communicate with the School’s Transportation Officer or Section Administrator before noon.

  8. Parents are expected to read and understand the bus guidelines as well as all transportation rules. Discuss all transportation rules with their child(ren). 

  9. Students should remain seated while bus is moving. Seat belts must be worn at all times.

  10. Remain quiet. Noise on the bus shall be kept to a minimum with students speaking in reasonable conversation voices. 

  11. Students should keep all objects out of the aisle at all times 

  12. No offensive, profane or insulting language should be used.

  13. Physical abuse and bullying are unacceptable.

  14. Students are not allowed to use their iPads on the bus. iPads are the responsibility of the student and it should remain in their bags at all times. 

  15. Food is not allowed on the bus however, water is allowed.

  16. All garbage must be removed from the bus. The bus must be kept clean.

  17. Damage or vandalism to the buses will result in repair costs being invoiced to parents and consequences to students.

  18. Students are responsible for getting to the bus on time after school; buses will not wait or be called back for students. Kindergarten & Primary students will be escorted by the bus supervisors

  19. Students are not allowed to switch buses without prior approval of the school transportation officer

  20. Non-bus students will not be allowed on the buses at any time.

  21. The bus supervisor is in charge of students on the bus. The bus driver and the supervisor are to be treated respectfully and their instructions must be followed.

  22. While on the bus, students must represent the school with pride.

  23. The INPS behavior code and its consequences will apply.

  24. Students who violate bus rules may lose the privilege of the bus service.

  25. Parents must fill the bus form, pay the bus service fees, as well as sign and acknowledge the bus guidelines before allowing their son/daughter to use the bus service.

  26. Parents of children already registered in the bus must re-register them for the following academic year. Bus re-registration forms are usually sent with the school re-registration forms


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